Voter Education

Learning about your ballot is a critical part of active democratic civic engagement. Before you vote, visit BallotReady, Vote411, or Ballotpedia to learn about who and what will be on your ballot this election. You can learn about who your current elected officials by clicking here.

Because election laws vary state-by-state, so do the important voting dates like registration and absentee or mail-in ballot deadlines and election dates. To learn about your state’s important voting dates, click here.

If you cannot vote in-person on Election Day, you can request to and vote by absentee or mail-in ballot instead. While qualifications differ by state, absentee voting often requires a legitimate reason for not voting in-person, while mail-in voting often has no requirements. As of December 2019, Pennsylvania supports no-excuse mail-in voting.

To learn more about how to request and vote by absentee ballot, click here.

To learn more about mail-in voting in Pennsylvania, click here.


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