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To register online in Pennsylvania using any tablet or smartphone, click here. To learn more about student voting at Penn and register in person, visit us at a PLTV-led event. You can find our calendar here.

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Help register your family and friends! To learn more, click here to view PLTV’s Voter Guide.

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This tool will help you check whether your voter registration information has been processed and is up-to-date. If anything critical has changed since your last registration, like your address or name, you will need to update your registration information below.

Please note that, depending on your state, the database can be sensitive to abbreviations, like “St.” vs “Street” or “Dan” vs “Daniel”. To avoid confusion, complete the form as you remember registering. Contact for additional help.

Register to Vote

This tool will help you complete the voter registration process or update your voter registration information. 39 states and the District of Columbia allow for online voter registration, mainly for those with a state-issued photo ID from that state. However, for those who do not have a state-issued ID from the state they are registering in, you may be required to print and mail your registration. To register online in Pennsylvania regardless of if you have a PA state-issued ID, go to the top of this page.

If you require additional assistance, contact

Use PLTV’s comprehensive Voter Guide to learn more about the voting process and help engage your family and friends

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