Upcoming Events

Events that qualify for raffle points for the Franklin Cup:

Date, Time, Location Event
4/2-4/3, 12-3pm, ARCH Penn Dems Voter Reg Tabling
4/1, 7pm, PCPE Auditorium GPA Candidate Forum
4/4, 4-6pm, Perry World House Boba & Ballots (Absentee Ballots)
4/10-4/11, 12-3pm, ARCH Penn Dems Absentee Ballot Tabling
4/17, 12pm, 1920 Commons Penn Dems Voter Blitz
4/23, ARCH Room 208 Penn Dems City Commissioner Forum
4/24, TBD PLTV Absentee Ballot Return Event
TBD College Republicans Event

Important Voting Dates

4/4 Penn Leads the Vote Boba & Ballots Event
4/22 Last Day for Primary Registration
4/24 Penn Leads the Vote Absentee Ballot Event
5/14 Last Day for Absentee Ballot Application
5/17 Last Day for Board of Elections to Receive Completed Absentee Ballots
5/21 Primary Voting Day