Absentee Ballot Information

Read below for detailed information on the different rules for absentee ballot registration and completion in all 50 states. Please read carefully for the specifics, including deadlines, to make sure that your vote is counted.

To request your absentee ballot, scroll down or click here.


Absentee Ballot Deadlines

Click here to find the deadline for absentee ballot voting in your state.

Absentee Ballot Requirements

Some states require an excuse to request an absentee ballot. Oftentimes, being a student is a qualifying excuse. To check if your state has requirements to vote absentee, click here.

Learn About Your Ballot

To learn about who and what will be on your ballot this election, visit BallotReady, Vote411, or Ballotpedia.

Request Your Absentee Ballot

To request your absentee ballot, complete the form below. If you’re unsure if you qualify, check here.

The tool below will help you request an absentee ballot from your state. Depending on your state’s voting laws, you may be required to print and mail your request form after completing a couple final steps on paper. Please remember that mail takes time to send and arrive; therefore, we encourage you to complete this form and send it ASAP if you decide to vote absentee, so that you will receive your ballot in a timely manner.

If you require additional assistance, contact pennvoters@upenn.edu.


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